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School Handbook

This handbook is designed to for a single purpose: as a source of essentially all the basic information a school family needs in regard to:

  • the history, mission and philosophy,
  • admissions, tuition/fees, fundraising, service hours,
  • academic and ministry,
  • athletic and student activities,
  • health and safety,
  • information, rules, regulations and policies of the school.


The information, rules, regulations and policies of the school, denoted in this handbook, are material conditions of the contractual agreement between St. Paul of the Cross School and each school family enrolled in the school.

A St. Paul of the Cross student’s interests are best served by a collaborative relationship among student, parents, faculty, and principal. The information, rules, regulations, and policies outlined in this handbook are designed to serve our school families. In the event a disagreement arises in regard to the application of the handbook, reasonable efforts will be made to resolve disputed issues. Should cooperative efforts fail and an impasse results, the school reserves the right to require the school family to withdraw from the school. In such an instance, St. Paul of the Cross would offer to assist school families in locating another school for their child.

In developing this handbook, the administration, faculty, and staff have attempted to anticipate and cover as many probabilities as possible. In the event that a new and unusual situation arises not precisely covered by the handbook, the principal reserves the authority to use discretion in regard to the situation. Further, the pastor and principal reserve the right to amend this handbook at any time and will notify school families of such changes via the weekly newsletter and/or weekly parish bulletin.

Click here to download the St. Paul of the Cross 2017-2018 School Handbook